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Opera - Software for electromagnetic design

A complete design > simulate > analyse > optimize toolchain

Opera is a world-leading software package for the modelling of static and time varying electromagnetic fields, and related multiphysics.

The software has been available commercially for over two decades, and embodies well over 100 man-years of development from experts in both electromagnetics and finite element analysis. From the very outset, Opera has been engineered to provide extreme accuracy of simulation, and also efficient execution – allowing complex problems to be solved rapidly on a desktop PC.

Opera’s complete toolchain will not only accelerate your electromagnetic design — unique solvers provide maximum accuracy of results, providing you with a powerful virtual prototyping facility to achieve the optimal solution.


Opera provides the complete toolchain for electromagnetic with multiphysics design, simulation and analysis. It consists of a powerful 2D/3D modeller for creating design models (or importing from CAD), plus a choice of specialised finite element simulation tools:

  1. Static electromagnetic fields (the widely used ‘Tosca’ tool)
  2. Low-frequency time-varying electromagnetic fields
  3. High frequency time-varying electromagnetic fields
  4. Thermal and stress analysis
  5. Linear and rotating machinery design
  6. Superconducting magnet quenching
  7. Particle beams including space charge effects
  8. Permanent magnet magnetisation/demagnetisation
  9. Hysteresis in soft magnetic materials
  10. Electric field analysis in conducting-dielectric media
multiphysics modelling for motors, generators and actuators

Following simulation, a programmable interactive post-processor allows users to view and analyse the simulation, and perform additional calculations. Subsequent improvement of designs is easy. Model parameters may be changed at will to rapidly perform ‘what-if?’ investigations. Or, designs can be automatically improved with the aid of Opera’s Optimizer. This optional tool is uniquely powerful and fast, and will even optimize competing objectives simultaneously. Opera is available in 2D or 3D variants, for economy and speed of design. It is available for use with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows or Linux operating systems.

For more information on software features and functionality please review our capabilities or for specific application examples please review our applications section.


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